Image: Fall Table Setting by Jacqueline Glass and Associates. Photography by Paul C Photography

Fall has to be one of my favourite seasons. From witnessing the vibrancy as the leaves begin to change, to starting the first fire at my farm, it is something I always look forward to. As we transition into the fall, I wanted to share with you some tips that I always look forward to implementing this time of year:

  • Collect leaves and make a huge arrangement for the table. This is so simple to do and happily, inexpensive.
  • I always light candles as soon as I get home. It is nice to set a mood and it makes me feel cosy. Nothing says fall like scents infused with nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • Take out a “way too expensive but glad I bought it anyway” cableknit throw. Perfect for cuddling into on Friday nights when I watch bad movies my husband selects.
  • Pile pumpkins and gourds on a kitchen table for an easy centrepiece. They will stay fresh for weeks!
  • Use inexpensive mums from the grocery store and tuck them into pots for an added jolt of fall color inside.
  • Make a warming soup. My favorite? Cream of mushroom, potato fennel, tomato fennel and minestrone. I am just warming up.
  • Wait for Beaujolais nouveau’s in November!! As a serial white wine drinker, the nouveaus’ are a welcome diversion after a summer of crisp whites!

Time for some Cider?