Feb 26, 2013


2013 is the year of change for me. It is there beckoning me like a beacon. Being a Taurus, I am not going to deny that change is easy. In fact, I quite hate and at times, fear it.

But with impending moves on the horizon, I decided to get a head of myself and start going through the basement storage boxes where a treasure trove of dated magazines awaited me.

Clearly I went through a serious phase with Victoria magazine. However, I decided to go through each issue and decide if it was "keep" worthy. Four made the cut out of about 62!

Next-Martha Stewart-her Hallowe'en issues are outstanding. Martha loves Hallowe'en with a vengeance. Had to keep all of them although note to self- I truly hate Hallowe'en. Hate the costume parties-sorry Kim, your party was really fun but finding that costume I wore was not. Still... I now have so many options thanks to Martha.

Her spring issues though really made me feel good. So in the end, I kept more than I should have. All good.

I am not sure why I kept so many Ladies Home Journals???? Seriously???

Next, Country Home and Country Living. Very nice, but oh so dated. Into the recycling they go.

Several issues of House and Home as well as the Junior League Ronald McDonald Home specialty magazine that I was a part of in (gulp) 1992. I had a perm and a new baby. Not necessarily in that order. Kept.

I think you should know that I do genuinely believe purging is a good thing. And I have to admit this was long overdue. Some of the magazines were rippled with age.

But still...throwing out anything from one's past is like admission that things from the past are no longer relevant. And that can hurt.

So two boxes to move instead of the seven. I think I did pretty good.

Now for all those VHS cassettes.



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