Feb 4, 2013

City Life

English: Paris Cafe near the Eiffel Tower (Avenue de la Bourdonnais, VIIe arrondissement) at dusk. Fuji F11 Camera at ISO 1600. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful new Year and have either dropped the resolutions or are feeling successful. Congrats to you on both counts!

I, for one, never make resolutions because I never remember them and when I do, become too guilt-ridden or annoyed (which ever comes first) to follow through.

Since it is February and the month of love, let us move on. I just returned from a cruise in the Caribbean. It was lovely although the weather was somewhat stormy. We cruised on the MSC, an Italian cruise ship, for the first time and I would recommend it. I found the entertainment funny and very professional. Generally I avoid any shows of any kind on holidays so this was a pleasant surprise. The food was very good. The Italian night dinner was stellar and the tiramisu sublime! I had, ahem, more than I should have. You only live once!

2013 is going to be a significant year for me. I have decided to change up what has been comfortable and stable for almost 15 years and move towards new challenges!

My husband and I have decided to sell our Oakville home and try Toronto living. Believe me, this has been a difficult decision to make but we are cautiously optimistic about the change to our lifestyle. And excited!

I have been homesick for the pulse of a big city since visiting Europe ovee the last few years. Walking along the streets of London and Paris, I adored the tables and chairs facing the street for people-watching. And the choices in where to eat, what to do were endless.

Canada is my home and Toronto is the closest city to being able to supply me with the requisite dining and entertaining choices. So Toronto here we come!

As an aside, Kimberley Seldon, a dear friend from Cityline, is living the very life I am aspiring to do!

Wish me luck!


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