Dec 10, 2012

Design Chat: Sharon Grech of Benjamin Moore

I thought it might be interesting to connect with my many friends in the design industry just to hear what they were thinking. I begin with my friend Sharon.

Photograph courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

My friend, Sharon Grech of Benjamin Moore.

I had the pleasure of connecting with my friend, Sharon Grech, a seasoned color expert with Benjamin Moore and a regular guest expert on Cityline. She lives life whirlwind style raising her family, traveling, preparing for shows and like me, enjoying time out with friends over a glass of wine.

Here's what she had to say...

Jackie Glass: What do you see for the fall/winter color palette?

Sharon Grech: "Blue and red.  I am seeing a fair amount of blue carrying through from the spring/summer into Fall and winter.  Blue can be surprisingly warm when it has yellow in the formulation: Whythe Blue HC-143 for example. (Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year 2012)  Blue gets warmed up this fall paired with copper and bronze.  Red is a “hot” colour in apparel fashion this season ranging from a vibrant red like ruby red  to deep rose. In the home red is a classic!"

JG: Has the economy affected how people choose colors?

SG: "In response to economic woes, people tend to avoid colour and stick to neutrals, but on the other hand there are many doing the opposite and they embrace colour with total abandon! Colour is definitely the most subjective and personal of all the design elements…People don’t seem to be as afraid of colour as in the past, so even classic and “safe” doesn’t have to be boring beige or flat grey.  Paint colour is one of the most economical ways to bring a big change to a space with a small investment."

JG: What is your favorite color? And why?

SG: Orange – I love the warmth and liveliness of orange especially a copper tone like Benjamin Moore’s Firenze AF-225.

JG: Are you a warm neutral or a cool neutral?

SG: "I am drawn to warm neutrals for sure.  But I love pairing a cool neutral grey with a warm colour like orange, gold or red."

JG: Finish this sentence: I am happiest when I ....

SG: "I am having down-time with my kids."

JG: Why would I invite you to my party? Because.....

SG: "I love to have fun, meet new people ….(and I will bring a good wine! )"

JG: I love my work best when....

SG: "I hear a client say “I can’t believe what a difference colour makes!”

A big thanks to Sharon for taking part.

Happy Monday,


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