Oct 16, 2012

What I Love (a little bit about myself)

Interior by Vicente Wolf 3_2_1 (Photo credit: coco+kelley)

I love design. I love really good design. The kind that makes you catch your breath. The kind that makes you think, "Why did I not think of that?? Vicente Wolf comes to mind. Google him.

I love to cook. I love really easy recipes that make you look like you are a really good cook. Think Donna Hay, Ina Garten. Do not get me started.

I love my dogs. Think anything crossed with a poodle. For a family with allergies, this combination works very well. Less hair, more lung capacity equals all good.

I love fashion. I love to peruse fashion shows online each season and then shop in stores who copy the trends. Think Jacobs, Mexx, Le Chateau, Aldo.

What interests me the most is how everything in the creative world is so inherently intertwined. The hottest colours in fashion pop up in trend forecasts in design magazines almost congruently. The art of styling transcends everything from fashion and design, to the culinary arts. An architect may draw his inspiration from the cubist movement. The bottom line is that we live in a very visual world. Art is all around us. I may wander time to time from the topic of design on this blog and discuss my other interests, but for me they all provide inspiration and I believe make me a better designer.

Hope you Enjoy,


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