In the bedroom comfort is supreme! Of all the rooms in your house your bedroom is where you can get personal with your style and make it your own intimate and private retreat. Serene colours, soft textures and ambient lighting define this space.

Sensual Bedroom Palette

A luxe bedroom in a soft and subtle neutral palette.

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Embellished Bedroom

Explore your creativity in the privacy of your bedroom with embellished accents.

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Peace & Quiet

A calming neutral palette is the starting point for creating a restful bedroom retreat.

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Model Home Bedrooms-2

Three inviting bedroom styles designed for Grandfield Model Homes.

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Townhouse Bedrooms

Townhouse bedrooms offer quiet retreats for homeowners and their guests.

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Treetop Bedroom

This bedroom's ultra cosy decor and gorgeous view makes it almost impossible to rise and shine.

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Model Home Bedrooms

Four fabulous bedrooms designed for AMR Homes' King's Landing model home.

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Dream Home Bedroom

Our eco-friendly bedroom was designed for the National Home Show's Dream Home.

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