Concrete Chic

Concrete Chic

Above: I fell in love with this concrete-topped dining room table on a solid wood base. It’s the perfect addition to my dining room! Accents for Living We take it for granted. Concrete is literally the foundation of our everyday life! We drive on it, we walk on...

Cityline |Nov 8, 2018

Watch Jackie on Cityline, 9:00am EST, Thurs. Nov 8, 2018 Get the facts on choosing the right upholstery fabrics, Living room renovations of a 30’s era urban home and tips on updating your fireplace for the long winter months.

8 Easy Fall Decorating Tips

Fall has to be one of my favourite seasons. From witnessing the vibrancy as the leaves begin to change, to starting the first fire in my living and dining rooms, it is something I always look forward to. As we transition into the fall, I wanted to share some tips that...