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5 Sensational Spring Floral Arrangements

Just when we’re feeling as gloomy as a dull, frosty February day, suddenly there they are – buckets of bulbs and bunches of fragrant tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and pansies to brighten our day and remind us that spring is just around the corner. Get a little creative with your market-variety spring posies and arrange them in unexpected ways in minutes. These five arrangements are sure to lift our spirits and brighten our days until the snow stops falling and the warmth of the sun encourages these sweet little harbingers of spring to poke their pretty little heads from beneath a blanket of snow in our flower beds once again.


Keep it simple and long lasting. Strip off some of the leaves from a bunch of tulips or daffodils, make fresh diagonal cuts to shorten the stems to the desired height then plop them into a narrow cylindrical vase with some fresh water. Add the florist food that comes with your bunch and remember to change the water every couple of days for as long as they last.


Create little floral vignettes composed of potted violets, fragrant tulips, pansies and hyacinths by a sunny window in the corner of any room. Raise them up on a stack of gardening books on a chair or stool and they’ll look amazing arranged on a tray and placed on a coffee table or dining table.


I can’t bear to throw away the little flowers with broken stems, so before I toss the fading potted bulbs I clip the last surviving blooms and create cheery mini arrangements in a vintage teacup or other small container. The trick to supporting these short little three-inch stems is a glass floral frog that fits inside the cup. You can find these at flea markets and floral shops in a wide variety of sizes. Even though these wee arrangements won’t last long, they’ll pack a punch on a breakfast table or tea tray. Keep in mind that daffodils are slightly poisonous and may contaminate the water, affecting the life of other cut flowers in the arrangement.


This is one of my favourite ways to arrange my tulips. Purchase tulips that are not yet open. Remove some of the leaves and lay the bunch on the counter, out of water for an hour or so or until the stems become limp and pliable. Fill a fish-bowl style vase with about two or three inches of water and add floral food. Once the tulip stems are limp enough to bend, clip the stems on a diagonal and place one tulip at a time inside the bowl, bending gently to conform to the shape of the bowl as shown. Make sure the end of each stem is submerged in water. Stagger the tulips as shown. Tulip stems continue to grow and lengthen after they’re cut so trim them accordingly so they won’t overcrowd the bowl.


Remove tulip and hyacinth bulbs from their not-so-pretty plastic pots and repot them in vintage vessels such as Depression glass pitchers, ceramic jardinières and cachepots. You can find these for peanuts at thrift shops and flea markets. Cover the soil with fresh green moss, pebbles or seashells.

 Happy Spring!

Modern white kitchen reno

Designer Jackie Glass gives videographer Patrick Reynolds a tour of a modern white kitchen she renovated in the Toronto area.

Elegant Holiday Decor in Living Colour

Elegant Holiday Decor in Living Colour

This Christmas I painted a holiday scene in my home with a brush dripped in vibrant colour!

There’s no better time of the year than the holiday season, to pull out all the stops and get bold with colour, glitz and glam! This Christmas is no exception! The inspiration for my final holiday décor in our family home might surprise you. I owe it to my husband Barry’s annual tradition. When he popped the lid off the tin of his favourite Christmas candy, Quality Street Chocolates, I was instantly committed to the happy, shiny colours of these iconic little morsels wrapped in shimmery foil and smelling divinely like every Christmas we’ve ever spent at home with our family and friends.

Taking my cue from every one of the brilliant candy wrappers in the tin, I set out to find Christmas balls, foil wrapping paper, ribbon, vases, glasses and tabletop accents I could find to create one of the most colourful and joyful holiday decors I’ve every done in my home. It was fun and easy to find everything I needed to give my cream and white décor a dramatic festive look that shimmered all season long.

Thank you Paul Chmielowiec for our gorgeous photos.


I started with the focal point in the room, the grand, open-flame log fireplace. Nothing is more opulent or magical than dining by a roaring fire on a chilly Christmas or New Year’s eve. To maximize the ambiance and enjoyment of the fireplace, I created an intimate seating area with two small-scale upholstered chairs and a tufted ottoman centred in front of the fire. A mirrored gold tray on the ottoman begins to tell the bold colour story with a bowl filled with the foil-wrapped candy, chartreuse, fucshia, bright blue, silver and gold balls and shimmery be-ribboned gifts.


On the mantel and the shelves flanking the fireplace, my new brilliant holiday colours start to emerge. Gold pots with fresh greenery, cobalt blue tea lights sparkle.


Central to the room, the eight-foot dining table with comfortable high-back upholstered chairs, is illuminated by a candlelight chandelier dripping with crystals. The centerpiece, a low, mirrored vase arranged with clouds of white hydrangea and green hypericum berries is the perfect complement to the brightly coloured decorations.


Tis the season to cheer! I have a pretty mini bar set up for my holiday guests on the long sideboard next to the dining table. Brilliant Christmas balls in a glass accent piece, a silver vase with pink carnations, more foil-wrapped chocolates in a crystal bowl all sparkle with soft decorative light.


Mimicking the sweet treats that inspired my holiday colour palette, the gifts wrapped in bold, glitzy foil papers add dramatic contrast and festive holiday colour to our all-white flocked Christmas tree.


Every surface gets a festive touch of colour and shimmer. A small mirror-topped chest shimmers with colour, glass, candlelight and bright pink carnations in a petite silver vase.




Elegant Holiday Decorating Ideas

Designer Jacqueline Glass of Jackie Glass Inc. shares a look inside her gorgeous home that’s outfitted for the holidays. See how she enhances the neutral space with colorful Christmas decor. Jacqueline transformed her dining area into a warm and inviting room for the holiday season. Inspired by a box of Quality Street Chocolates, the room radiates with metallics in rich jewel tones. Carnations are held in silver vases, gifts are garnished with tulle bows, and a white Christmas tree is dressed with ceramic ornaments. Festive pillows and textured throws are propped on neutral seating by the blazing fireplace, enhancing the cozy vibe of the entire room.