Photography by PaulC Photography

I think it began when one of the radio stations I listened to in my car started playing Christmas carols nonstop. What a playlist! From Bing to Bono and everything in between. I am not sure whether it was my humming to the tunes, a warm car at dusk or some light snow, but I found myself in the Christmas spirit much earlier than I can ever remember.

So much so, that I started styling my home with some Christmas candles, spilled bowls with ornaments and decorative trays with holly. I even, mercy of mercies, bought some gifts and wrapped them in NOVEMBER.

I then started tracking the retail trends we are seeing this festive season. And this is what I saw.

Owls. Owls and more owls. Some big, some small, but they were everywhere. Put them in your tree, on a mantle, as a giveaway to your guests. Some are made of pine cones, some of ostrich feathers. Some white, others natural. Get at least one.

Mercury glass. Again, lots of different versions from candlesticks to containers. Mercury glass adds a regal, glowy look to your holiday table.

Snowflake themes. Whether they are simple beaded ornaments for the tree or the motif embossed on glass, snowflakes are…well, hot. And buy some faux snow if this is your look. Sprinkle on trays, around candles. It brings out the kid in you.

White. My favourite color. But it is one of the biggest colors this season. Alternatively so is hot pink and bright turquoise. Acid green is also popping up. I think there is more fun in Christmas wares this season than I have seen for a long time!

Mixing of golds and silvers. Yes, we mix our jewellery so why not on the table?  Mix silver and gold dishes, stemware and cutlery. Then add some natural elements like birch logs, white twigs or bleached antlers. Finish with tiny tea lights and the table is magical.

Faux fur. Luxurious fakes are big. Think white fur throws for your sofas. Soft, downy fur pillows. The weather outside is frightful…

And finally, get a great playlist going. My current favourite Christmas track is Jim Brickman-Hymns and Carols.

Hope you are getting in the mood!