Image: Face Frame Kitchen designed by Jacqueline Glass and Associates. Photo by paulc photography

There are some valid reasons why someone should use a designer.

  1. If you use a money manager for your financials, why would you not use a professional to ensure that your space is designed properly?
  2. Designers understand space and can help a homeowner with architectural drawings or navigate through existing space issues.
  3. Designers and decorators professionally handhold clients through a project. They offer solutions and can work through the project with the client from start to finish.
  4. Designers act as a go between with the contractor. If there is an issue on site, the designer liaises with the contractor to resolve the situation.
  5. There are many design services available to a client. Ask questions and find the service that suits your design needs best. Designers can design a service that fits your needs!

Have a great weekend!